As Sure As The Dawn by Francine Rivers

In this, the third and last book of “The Mark of the Lion,” series, we meet up again with Artretes, whom you will remember from the first book, “A Voice in the Wind.”  In this final tale, I was amazed to see how well Francine Rivers had woven the elements of the seeds of first story, into a wonderful and bountiful harvest.

Attretes having won his freedom in Rome, and having had a son, who had been saved from a untimely death by the slave Hadassah (which was also Esther’s Hebrew name from the Bible…I didn’t realize that in the first book…), is yearning to go home to Germania.  He embarks on this journey  accompanied by Rizpha (the woman who had been raising his son, during the time that he believed he was dead, and a retired Roman centurion, Theophilus.

This book is about carrying the Gospel to a people that have never heard of Jesus Christ.

I know that I haven’t given you a great description, because to be perfectly honest , I don’t want to spoil the joy of discovery for anyone.  Meeting these characters in “The Mark of the Lion” trilogy has been like meeting new friends, and the hardest part for me was having to turn the last page, and close the book.  I am going to miss these people desparately. I have grown to know them, and love them, to share in their journeys, and weep with them.

Through this series, I have learned what makes a great writer. It is an author that can pull you out of your world, and bring you into theirs, and then make you yearn to stay there.

Please take some time out of your life, and read this “Mark of the Lion” series. I promise that it will help you understand what our Lord has taught us in His Word, and help you to apply it practically. Through much of the teaching that the character Theophilus has provided to both Artretes and Rizpha along their journey, I have also gained new tools in my battle against the tempations of this world. Francine Rivers has truly ministered to me!

Let the “Mark of the Lion” minister to you as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, this series will speak volumes to you.  I also want to apologize for something I said in my review of the second book, “An Echo In The Darkness.”  I said that it may not affect you if you weren’t a Christian.  I was so wrong.  I wish I could put this series into the hands of every lost person I know.  If they read it, they will never forget it!

Thank you Francine Rivers!!!! Please read this series everyone.



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