The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer

Within the 421 pages of “The Last Plea Bargain (published by Tyndale)  you will gain a real education of the justice system, and how “plea bargaining” affects it.  We’ve heard it all our lives, how the courts of America are overrun with cases, how the psychology and technology of determining guilt and innocence are manipulated. Now put this with all those  stories of corruption within the our justice  system, the judges, the DA’s, and the attorneys, and you have the makings of a novel that you will not want to put down, until you turn the final page.  You have one of Randy Singer’s best works yet in your hands.

The story begins with a murder, and it is up to Jamie Brock, Assistant DA to Bill Masterson, who is running for Attorney General to get to the bottom of it.  The accused is Caleb Tate, the prominent attorney who represented the man who had murdered Jamie’s mother  many years prior. The victim is Rikki Tate, wife of Caleb Tate, and former showgirl, who had recently accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, and began making changes in her life.

Right now, Jamie is in a hospital room with her very sick father, who, never was quite right after his wife’s death.

Now turn the page to chapter 2…

I have always been a John Grisham fan, but I have to say that Randy Singer’s books meet  me in much deeper ways. Not only is his understanding of the legal system impeccable, (he is also a  veteran trial attorney, in fact this particular book was inspired by one of his previous cases.), he is truly an example of a man that is using his gifts for the cause of Christ.

“The Last Plea Bargain” is a wise investment of your time.  When you finish, you will feel a little sad, the kind of sad you feel when you eat the last bite of a fantastic meal, and you realize there are no left overs.

Chock full of teaching moments, my favorite line in this book, (and it is not a spoiler) is, “Not being able to forgive someone is like a cancer. Even if you get revenge, it pretty much destroys your soul.”

Please, please read, “The Last Plea Bargain” by Randy Singer.  Then if this is your first Randy Singer book, go and find the rest of them. You will be so glad you did!!! You will learn things that you never dreamed of before, and believe me, you will see our legal system in a brand new way.

God bless Randy Singer!

I also want to thank Tyndale, and Net Galley for making this copy available to me.




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