Illusion by Frank Peretti

My friend Leslie has come through for me once again. As I was walking into the YMCA, (where she manages) she said, “Here Darrell, I have a new…can you believe it…a new book by Frank Peretti!” Man, I was so excited! I told her how he had been so instrumental in my initial understandings of how Christ moves in our lives, through his older books, like, “This Present Darkness,” and “Piercing The Darkness.”

I couldn’t wait to begin reading.  This Frank Peretti masterpiece is about a Dane and Mandy Collins, a husband and wife magic act, that have been performing for forty years. Then a tragedy, as Mandy is killed in a car accident.  Such a sad beginning, I didn’t quite know where it was going, until I saw that Mandy had now re-emerged, but as herself at age nineteen, but with no recollection of her life after this age.  All of her “future” memories have been erased….and now she begins her journey, to find herself once more, but without knowing how, or where to begin. She is lost in a world that appears to bear some resemblance to a life she might know, but doesn’t really, and she is desperate to find out where she belongs.

“Illusion, ” is a love story that reminds us there is a destination for all of us, and not even the separation of death can keep us from our purpose in our fantastic and loving Creator and Lord!

In a note from the author himself, Frank Peretti, he reveals that he wrote this story, about his wonderful life with his wife Barb, his own best friend for over forty years.

If as you read, you find yourself getting a little lost, as “Illusion” will stretch your “technological” muscles a little, don’t get concerned. You will just be feeling what our heroine, Mandy Collins, is feeling too.  It is not a “fluff” book, that merely allows the reader to coast along, it is a book that will challenge you, especially if you know the Lord, and force you to, what I like to refer to as, “grab the metaphor, ” but once you do, you will understand what the author is presenting, and you will truly be amazed, and thrilled.  It is a fantastic journey!

Just grab a cup of coffee, “my favorite reading beverage,” and begin again, this wonderful love story of two illusionists….I promise you won’t be “disillusioned.”

Thank you again, friend Leslie, because of you, I know Him so much better.

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