Why Has All This Happened To Us? by W.T. Hamilton

Why has thisDuring one of my visits to my library, I came across this book, “Why Has All This Happened To Us,” by W.T.Hamilton. Since it would only cost me a dime, I decided to pick it up. I’m like everyone else, I suppose, and often struggle with understanding why certain things happen to us. I mean, I love my Lord, and daily count my blessings, but still I wonder why bad things happen to good people, and conversely some folks who don’t give the Lord even a passing glance, seem to have a golden ticket through life.

I was hoping I might find some answers in it’s 150 pages. I have to say that I think I did. As soon as I opened the first page, there was a message from the author’s son Nick, that his father had passed away from cancer on May 14, 1986. Since the copyright on this book was 1986, by the 20th Century Christian Publishers, I realized that W.T. Hamilton, even in his impending departure, was trying to help us understand the mercy of God.  Here is the author in 1951.

WT Hamilton

There is also a very brief  biography of him on this website: http://www.therestorationmovement.com/hamilton.htm

I enjoy knowing a little about those who touch my life with theirs.  W.T. Hamilton was a really a very Godly man.

“Why Has All This Happened To Us?,” is a reminder that God has a eternal purpose for us all. What I understood was that God does not bring suffering upon us, but masterfully uses circumstances to shape us into the image and character of His Son, Jesus. My beloved pastor Winston Baker, of the First Assembly Church, here in Moultrie, Ga, teaches us, that the mystery of the Gospel is “How God puts God back inside of man.” W.T.Hamilton, has revealed to me one of the tools that God uses to do this, by bringing us through the circumstances of a fallen world, into His perfect one. It will not be easy, and none of us are immune to problems. This is not a feel good, inspirational book, that tries to find a silver lining in the storm clouds of life. It is a genuine look at how we might handle the circumstances, in the lives of others, and even the author himself.

A very important portion of this book to me, was when I read on page 54, how the author handled the news when he learned that he had cancer:

My first thought: Is God here? Yes. Positively. In a special way! I never doubted that for a moment. The Father who is present when a sparrow falls to the earth is not going to be absent when one of his children is faced with such bleak news. So, I could talk to him. He was there, you know. But what should I ask for? Well, what would be in keeping with his will? What did he have in mind for me? Those were the questions that came immediately to mind.

Oh, how many have heard those words without such hope? Mr. Hamilton goes on to discuss how he reminded himself of those wonderful attributes of God, and how no matter what he was facing, God would not fail him.

In addition to the personal struggle, much of the rest of the book, continues to illustrate how so many in the Scriptures themselves faced trials and tremendous circumstances.

When I had turned the final page of this wonderful book, I too, knew that though life may take some unexpected turns, I will be able to trust that God will use it for his purposes for my good. I am glad for this knowledge.

Interesting to me, inside the front page of this book is a handwritten inscription written from Mary and Flavil Nichols, gifting and thanking John and Evelyn Stewart for their friendship and hospitality, back on April 29, 1988.  I learned, from looking up a little additional information,  that Flavil was the brother of Carrie (Nichols)  Hamilton, the author’s wife. I bet they shared many of these books to those they met along life’s path.

I like little details like this. Makes things much more personal.

I am so thankful to have read this wonderful book. I hope that you get the chance to as well. Also, if you are ever in Moultrie, Ga please come by and visit our church. You will find that Winston Baker, is of the John the Baptist company of preachers. There isn’t one like him anywhere else.

Thank you W. T. Hamilton for this book. You have truly blessed me!






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