The Wedding Bargain by Agnes Sligh Turnbull

The Wedding BargainAnother quick stop at my local library, has yielded treasure again. However, I don’t know exactly what has happened to me, with regard to my personal preference in books, but I have found an incredible peace in this author’s works. Agnes Sligh Turnbull truly must have been a very gently and sweet woman. Her books have a quality of a day gone by, but what’s more, in this crazy turmoil of a world that we live in, when I sit down to read one of her books, I find that I become relaxed, and it is almost like going back into time. Into a less busy, and easier and quieter time of life. It is actually almost like getting into a “Time Tunnel.” If you remember that old TV show from the 60’s then you are definitely my kind of reader!!!! Oh, how I often wish that I could go back in time, to another place. A more peaceful existence. Well, “The Wedding Bargain,” is a novel that will get you pretty close to that kind of feeling. (Wow, it has been years since I thought about that old program. I think Lee Meriwether was one of the actresses in it as well.)


Gettng back to “The Wedding Bargain,” it is a story set in the New York of the in the 1930’s, and it is a definitely a romance novel.  A very capable young secretary from Vermont, Liz Hanford goes to work, for all business, and no pleasure business millionaire tycoon, Dan Morgan. After working for him for eight years, Mr. Morgan decides that he could use a wife, and decides that his competent and efficient secretary Liz would be the perfect candidate. After all having a wife will create many business advantages, and with his strictly a no emotional strings attached proposal. Liz will have access to money, and a beautiful home, while allowing Dan to pursue his business ventures with no interference by her.  It is a perfect arrangement in his eyes!

What Dan doesn’t know is that Liz  has been for many years  nurturing
a great for him, and although this is not what she had in mind, she agrees, believing it may be the only chance she will have for life with Dan. What unfolds after they are wed, is an amazing and very pleasant, no foul language, no bedroom scenes, just the story of two people who are truly made for one another.

An exciting element is added when Dan is accused of the murder of a socialite for  that has had her eyes on him for many years. Liz pulls a Tammy Wynette, and “Stands by Her Man,” showing what kind of wife of convenience this Vermont secretary really is.

” The Wedding Bargain,” was published in 1966 by Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston, and is 290 pages in length.

In this passage, Dan is presenting his “proposal” to Liz:

“You see,” he was going on, “the situation is this. I do not want to marry for the reason I’ve given, and I am not in love with anyone. Don’t believe I could be. All the romance was knocked out of me long ago. I may have told you, I started working in the mines when I was twelve. To get to be an operator and make a fortune was all I thought of. Hard work and a lot of luck helped. Now it seems as though all I have to offer a woman is the money, and one that was merely mercenary, you see I wouldn’t want. So, well, what I’m leading up to, Miss Hanford is this. Would you consider marrying me?” 

“Eliza sat as still as death while she felt her face grow scarlet and then drain of color.”

This is the writing style of Ms. Agnes Turbull. A very pleasant author. She puts me in mind of another sweet  lady I have known that recently passed away, Wilene Dowdy, 88 years old, a resident of the Golden Apple Assisted Care Home, here in Moultrie Ga.  She was a very special lady, who loved the Lord with all her heart. She was also a very talented singer, and would join in our weekly Wednesday sings at the Apple.

Wilene Dowdy

Mrs Dowdy was a hobby painter as well, in fact here is one of her paintings, “The Lighthouse.”  (which was also one of our favorite songs there.)The Lighthouse by Mrs DowdyI also enjoyed spending time with Mrs Dowdy, and the rest of the residents. It is like stepping back in time there as well. Perhaps this is why I enjoy Agnes Sligh Turnbull books so much as well. Another place and another time I suppose…

Please read Agnes Sligh Turnbull.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

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