A Time to Be Born by Gilbert Morris

Time to Be BornI’ve noticed something about myself, and my reading tastes. The older I get, the more I am interested in the moral  history of America. I guess that’s why I’m drawn to older books, from the 50’s, they offer a glimpse of a United States that once was. This is probably due to my interest in the Hebraic mindset…the early Hebrews, would look to the past for answers to the problems they face. I want a righteous America again, where divorce is not the first option, babies are born to loving mom’s and dads, and people had a fear of God, even those who were not in church. That’s the America that I find in this book, again, courtesy of my favorite lunchtime hangout, my public library.  This whole set only cost me four bits, ($.50 to the uninformed,) because there are 5 in this series, written by who I have found to be a wonderful writer, Gilbert Morris.

The first book of this series, known as “The American Odessy Series,” is entitled, ” A Time to Be Born,” and it chronicles the story of the Stuart family, particulary, Lylah and her brothers Amos and Owen.  The Stuarts are a family that live in Arkansas, and their story begins in 1897. Lylah, is the first to leave home, to find and follow what she believes to be her dream, and Amos and Owen soon follow. They are the three oldest of eight children, a mother whose trust in the Lord has sustained her family, as well as a husband who has had his struggles.

In this first book, Lylah, runs off from the Bible school at Fort Smith, to chase the dream of becoming an actress. Amos, also yearning to spread his wings in the world, goes off in search of her, and little brother Owen eventually follows.  Each finds their path in a different field, but it is evident that the hand of God is upon them. I can’t help but think how this book is such a testimony to the power of a praying mother, and those prayers that we cling to can bear fruit in generations to come.

This series is very reminiscent of “Spencer’s Mountain,” Earl Hamner Jr., a book that I wrote about in March of last year, in 2013. Hmmm, maybe March is “books about families month for me. It is going to prove to be a great series, and I am already anticipating the sadness that I will experience when the series ends.  I am grateful that Gilbert Morris has written many books, because I believe I will be searching this author out for years to come.

Here is a photo of Mr. Morris. Doesn’t he look like the kindest individual? He reminds me of, and I hope if he ever reads this, he will take it as a compliment, my favorite person growing up…Mister Rogers.

Gilbert Morris


I bet that Gilbert Morris is the type of fellow that you might bump into at a place like Huddle House, a very popular breakfast all day grill here in South Georgia, having a cup of coffee and talking about God and gardens….

….and an America that trusts in the Lord. I can’t wait to read the next one in this series, “A Time to Die.”  Thank you Mr. Morris for loving the Lord, and choosing writing as a career. You have blessed us all so wonderfully!!!!






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