Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes

Two From Galilee (A Love Story of Mary and Joseph) by Marjorie Holmes is the kind of book that opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. It is as if the Lord has truly anointed this wonderful author, to write a story that will fill in many of the details of His beloved earthly parents life. I am 53 year old guy, and I found myself really moved as I enjoyed this wonderful and maybe possible, very could have been, portrayal of the lives of Mary, the daughter of Hannah and Joachim, and Joseph, the son of Timna and Jacob, and their lives in Nazareth leading up to the birth of our Lord.

I found this copy for sale at my local library, (I think I paid a quarter for it, but oh wow, what that quarter bought for me!) Here is a taste of what you will get when you open this 223 page banquet. In this passage, the angel of the Lord has just announced to Mary that she is to bear the Messiah:

“But I am unworthy!” Mary cried. She was grasping the nibbled manger; she felt her bare feet upon the gritty earthen floor. The sweat poured down her face. “I have many faults. I have rebelled against my parents, I often envy my cousins, I have impure thoughts. How can I be the mother of this long awaited child?”

“God knows the secrets of his handmaiden’s heart. He does not expect perfection. This child that He will send you will be human as well as holy. The Lord God wills it so, in order that man, who is human, can find his way back to God.” (pg 89)

Marjorie Holmes, the writer of this wonderful tale, left us in March of 2000, for her heavenly home at the age of 91, but through her books, has given us a great trail to follow. Being the dad of teenage daughters I have often wondered what type of earthly father Mary might have had, to raise her to be chosen by God to bear His son, or what kind of young man might Joseph have been, as well as his parents.  How did they take Mary’s news? These questions are addressed in this wonderful story.

This is the kind of book that parents will read, then pass to their children.  It captures the life and times of Nazareth during that time, that will most definitely help the reader gain a better understanding when they read the Scriptures.

By the time you finish this book you will know Mary, Joseph, their parents, Elizabeth and Zachariah, their culture, and all who are involved in this wondrous event, the birth of our Lord, in a new and personal way.

Sure, it might be classified as a fictional work, but I promise that your heart will ring with Truth as you read it.


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