Three From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes

This is a wonderful, “You never know, it just might  or could have happened this way,” story that deals with a subject that has been on the mind of every follower of our Lord Jesus. What was it like, the life of Jesus from boyhood  to the time He began His ministry? In these 230 pages, this beloved author,  takes us on a journey into an exciting and very believable account of what it may have been like for Jesus as He grew up in Galilee.

The story  is broken into two sections, or books; Book One tells of His boyhood days, and Book Two, Young Manhood.  We are invited into, (what I would like to call) the “Inspired” imagination of Marjorie Holmes, and we are given a front row seat to watching how the Son of God might have lived and learned from a young boy growing up as the son of a carpenter, to a man of 30, ready to embark on His mission to redeem all of mankind.

What you will find here is a comforting portrayal of a man that you can trust to know what you are going through.  You will come to know Jesus as the Friend that He is, how He might have dealt with disappointments, and how He enjoyed victories.  You will find that He very likely grew up much like any of us, and He had to learn how to be who He was, just like us.

I found myself drawing much closer to Him as I read this book. I cheered for Him at times, a typical young man with brothers, and shared His pain at other times, such as during the loss of His  earthly father Joseph. His mother Mary, knowing who He was, begged Him to heal Joseph, and Jesus’ desperate desire to do so.

Have you ever wondered what it might have been for Jesus and John the Baptist as they grew up together? This book gives great fodder for the imagination. Sure, it is not Scripture, but I can assure you that even the most diligent Bible student, will find little conflict, and much to rejoice and relish in and about.

I will admit,  there were a couple of times, that I perhaps could have envisioned another scenario in a particular instance, but this only allowed me to become even more a part of the story.

That’s the great thing about fiction. It allows the mind and heart to soar, unbound by convention, and tradition. When I finished “Three From Galilee”, I felt like I had just climbed back out of “The Time Tunnel,” (one of my favorite shows growing up…I’m dating myself now). It was a marvelous place to spend a few hours.

A great read…don’t miss it!






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